Third Divination of Joyoboyo : "Kebo nyabrang kali"

Georgi Dimitrov one of the top brass of the Comintern, or Communist International by a German court accused of masterminding an Adolf Hitler riots burn reichstaat Germany. This is the principal base of Hitler had been using the accusations are not proven to be announcing the drums for war against communism.
Dimitrov also notice the appeal to the entire war against fascism communist stronghold. Thus Germany faced a formidable opponent of socialist countries and especially the Soviet Union, the first socialist country in the world.
Since the economic crisis of 1929 Adolf Hitler leads the Nazis in 1933 and featured the German move with the main focus of German industry is to build a massive military force, and within five years of 1938 the strongest military power in Europe was annexed Austria. Ally led Britain and the United States has not taken action until Hitler invaded the Czech with German forces launched a massive military and testing a brilliant blitzkriegnya. Finally, 3 September 1939 the Allies declared war on Germany. Meanwhile, successive German army conquered France and do not miss the Netherlands, Belgium subject to the might of Germany.

In the shadow of Hitler's army was then deter the Dutch royal government fled to England, crossed the Channel. While the Dutch joined the Allied fight against Germany, the Netherlands East Indies colony or Archipelago take a neutral stance toward Germany. Departure of the Royal Dutch government fled to Britain this is what has been predicted by King Sri Aji Joyoboyo Kadiri, "Kebo nyabrang Kali."
Dutch East Indies too far from Hitler's blitzkrieg forces in Europe, but too close to Germany's ally in the Far East namely Japan. The entry of Japan into the Dutch East Indies on the last turn in the invasion forces Sunrise Affairs once again rule the Dutch East Indies colony across the ocean to flee to Australia. Kebo nyabrang times for the second time. Dutch evacuate because it was too full the wealth of the archipelago, the wealth that paid for filling the home country the Netherlands which proved to be a strong move to face the German invasion. Similarly, the Dutch East Indies domestic glut parent unable to face the ruthless forces of Sakura was still hungry to suck all the natural resources and wealth of the conquered country.
Departure of the central government and the royal Dutch colonial government also fled across the sea that is already predicted by the king of Kediri Joyoboyo eight hundred years ago.

Dutch East Indies are not alone facing the Japanese invasion, also British in Malaya, Singapore, and French forces in Indochina and the United States in the Philippines. All alone across the ocean to flee to save his own tail colony taken leave children of others.
A buffalo bathing in the pools have a hobby that contains water, let alone on an abundant river water, he might not want to cross the river without any orders yet and extraordinary reasons. The reason that a buffalo crossing the river just to be coerced or forced. Because buffalo are already full to eat and satiety soaking in water will tend to be lazy. And who forced the Dutch leave buffalo is superior military strength of other nations. While military power alone is not ready to face such an incursion from outside, but just be prepared and used to oppress the indigenous colonies who were unarmed and weak in terms of any kind. Dutch military forces have the military capability only class subjecting small kingdoms in the archipelago. Dutch are realized by using common political crockery and controlled. And especially thanks to the help of Natives who prefer siding with foreign powers.
German blitzkrieg forces ultimately failed to confront the Red Army on the Eastern Front in the Soviet Union. Defeat in Russia caused the collapse of German power, and Hitler committed suicide or killed by certain parties. Thus in the end the German military forces surrendered to the Allies a year earlier than the surrender of the Japanese empire in the United States because of the atomic bomb explosions in the heart of Japan that was dropped from the United States military aircraft. Soviet Union or the Soviet Union who are in the right side of the Allies come out as one of the country winning the Second World War, the communist world was honored with the advantages of the Red army of the Soviet Union. And the grace of victory is also dedicated to the officials of the Comintern, Georgi Dimitrov who valiantly defended the Comintern and communism in front of Adolf Hitler's German fascist court on charges of false intelligence engineering work of Nazi Germany in communist Worldwide rid of ghosts.