Isi Ramalan Joyoboyo

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Jongko Joyoboyo (Jangka Jayabaya) atau yang lebih dikenal dengan Ramalan Joyoboyo adalah ramalan dalam tradisi Jawa yang salah satunya dipercaya ditulis oleh Prabu Sri Aji Jayabaya, raja Kerajaan Kediri. Ramalan ini dikenal pada khususnya di kalangan masyarakat Jawa yang dilestarikan secara turun temurun oleh para pujangga .Asal Usul utama serat Jongko Joyoboyo dapat dilihat pada kitab Musasar yang digubah oleh Sunan Giri Prapen. Sekalipun banyak keraguan keaslianya tapi sangat jelas bunyi bait pertama kitab Musasar yg menuliskan bahwasanya Joyoboyo-lah yang membuat ramalan - ramalan tersebut.

Meskipun demikian, kenyataannya dua pujangga yang hidup sezaman dengan Prabu Jayabaya, yakni Mpu Sedah dan Mpu Panuluh, sama sekali tidak menyebut dalam kitab-kitab mereka: Kakawin Bharatayuddha, Kakawin Hariwangsa dan Kakawin Gatotkacasraya, bahwa Prabu Jayabaya memiliki karya tulis. Kakawin Bharatayuddha hanya menceritakan peperangan antara kaum Korawa dan Pandawa yang disebut peperangan Bharatayuddha. Sedangkan Kakawin Hariwangsa dan Kakawin Gatotkacasraya berisi tentang cerita ketika sang prabu Kresna, titisan batara Wisnu ingin menikah dengan Dewi Rukmini, dari negeri Kundina, putri prabu Bismaka. Rukmini adalah titisan Dewi Sri.

Ramalan Notonegoro Prabu Joyoboyo

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sumber : Gerbang Mistik
Prabu Jayabaya adalah Raja Kerajaan Kediri yang terkenal sakti dan berilmu tinggi, konon beliau adalah titisan Betara Wishnu, sang Pencipta Kesejahteraan di Dunia, yang akan menitis selama tiga kali. Beliau memerintah Kerajaan Kediri pada sekitar tahun 400-an Masehi. Beliau mampu meramalkan berbagai kejadian yang akan datang yang ditulis oleh beliau dalam bentuk tembang-tembang Jawa yang terdiri atas 21 pupuh berirama Asmaradana, 29 pupuh berirama Sinom, dan 8 pupuh berirama Dhandanggulo. Kitab ini dikenal dengan nama Kitab Musarar.

Ramalan Jayabaya dibagi dalam 3 zaman yang masing-masing berlangsung selama 700 tahun, yaitu Zaman Permulaan (Kali-swara), Zaman Pertengahan (Kali-yoga) dan Zaman Akhir (Kali-sangara).

Yang menarik dari ramalan Jayabaya adalah ramalan Zaman Akhir (Kali-sangara) dari tahun Masehi 1401 sampai dengan tahun 2100, karena kita dapat membuktikannya dengan catatan sejarah Indonesia /Jawa dalam periode tersebut.

Ramalan Jayabaya dalam periode Akhir tersebut cukup akurat dalam meramalkan bangkit dan runtuhnya kerajaan - kerajaan Jawa (Indonesia), naik - turunnya para Raja - raja dan Ratu - ratunya atau Pemimpinnya, yang terbagi dalam tiap seratus tahun sejarah, yaitu Kala-jangga (1401-1500 Masehi), Kala-sakti (1501-1600 M), Kala-jaya (1601-1700 M), Kala-bendu (1701-1800 M), Kala-suba (1801-1900 M), Kala-sumbaga (1901-2000), dan Kala-surasa (2001-2100 M).

The first prediction Joyoboyo : "Murcane Sabdo Palon Noyo genggong"

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Sri Aji Joyoboyo who lived during the twelfth century BC (1100s) predicts the Hindu-Buddhist religions developed 1000 years in the archipelago and its glory to the kingdom which embraced the religion. Along with the development of Hindu-Buddhist in the Land of Java and the archipelago is also born of His messenger is also a bearer of Islam in 571 AD in Mecca the Prophet Muhammad the recipient of God's word s.w.t. arranged in the Holy Quran Hadiths of the Prophet was accompanied by a glorified.
After 1000 years of growing Hindu-Buddhist is already in place for another turn, which will be replaced by Islam as the state religion of the kingdom in Java and the archipelago. Sri Aji Joyoboyo also said Dang Hyang Sabdo Palon Tanah Jawi and its predecessor Noyo genggong will murca marcapada during the development of Islam in the fifteenth century BC (the 1400s) are marked by the rise of Islamic kingdom in Java. Sabdo Palon will not interfere in Islam and its development in Java and the archipelago to make human beings so fully human, complete, and perfect.

Divination second Joyoboyo : "Semut ireng anak - anak sapi"

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Marcopolo Italian explorers left mainland China in 1292 after living so many years of bringing amazing world news for the continent of Europe. Two hundred years later in 1492 the Italians Christophorus Columbus also landed on the continent of North American Indian nations and preach that the world is round, a round ball.

White Europeans known to be very diligent and tenacious work like black ants, and always drink cow's milk in infancy. They became restless and prepare yourself with a small screen ships nimble and quick so knowing there is news of another major world full of adventure challenge. For years they need to design an armed ship to sail the oceans to find new worlds in search of new raw materials, and the spices from the source directly in the middle east or elsewhere in the world.
Divination Sri Aji Joyoboyo second, "semut ireng anak-anak sapi" has proven true since it was first voiced two hundred years ago counted since Marco Polo arrived in China coincided with the founding of Majapahit.

Third Divination of Joyoboyo : "Kebo nyabrang kali"

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Georgi Dimitrov one of the top brass of the Comintern, or Communist International by a German court accused of masterminding an Adolf Hitler riots burn reichstaat Germany. This is the principal base of Hitler had been using the accusations are not proven to be announcing the drums for war against communism.
Dimitrov also notice the appeal to the entire war against fascism communist stronghold. Thus Germany faced a formidable opponent of socialist countries and especially the Soviet Union, the first socialist country in the world.
Since the economic crisis of 1929 Adolf Hitler leads the Nazis in 1933 and featured the German move with the main focus of German industry is to build a massive military force, and within five years of 1938 the strongest military power in Europe was annexed Austria. Ally led Britain and the United States has not taken action until Hitler invaded the Czech with German forces launched a massive military and testing a brilliant blitzkriegnya. Finally, 3 September 1939 the Allies declared war on Germany. Meanwhile, successive German army conquered France and do not miss the Netherlands, Belgium subject to the might of Germany.

Joyoboyo forecast fourth : "Kejajah saumur jagung karo wong cebol kepalang"

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March 8, 1942 armies by land, sea, and air forces and civilian Dai Nippon Sakura flowers that dare to die and always wins in the battle against Western nations landed all over the archipelago. Joyoboyo forecast fourth attested, "Kejajah saumur jagung karo wong cebol kepalang." Royal Netherlands Army is no less heroic, brave to face the forces of Asian countries that had conquered Manchuria, the Russian Tsarist empire in 1904-1905.
The spirit of the royal army was defeated by imperial troops of the Rising Sun, the god Amaterasu siding with the invaders from the North. Since ancient times people in the archipelago had been warned by the ancestors to be always alert to the North, because that is where the enemy comes to attack, from the North also coming disaster in Java. Therefore there is little legacy inherited from a thousand years ago or the King of the kingdom of Kediri Joyoboyo enthroned, namely, "do not make for cooking stoves or luweng mouth facing to the North." One again, "do not make a toilet or latrine is the position of those who occupied it until facing North."

The fifth prediction Joyoboyo : Pitik tarung sak kandang

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On September 30, 1965 in the stratosphere layer of the night sky, at a radius of three kilometers from the palace of Sri Aji Joyoboyo, the residents watched "lintang kemukus" moving slowly northward. Shining bright celestial spaceship that precisely identified for centuries "lintang kemukus" that moves slowly in the sky was a sign of the coming events in the human universe.
The nights hunt 20 million communist members in the archipelago began proclaimed. Communist Party of the world's third largest country in the siege of the world's largest Muslim population. Ten years ago the communists managed to occupy the fourth rung in the most democratic elections in the country of Pancasila, a synthesis of existing ideologies in the world political arena triggered Bung Karno, connectors hearts of the people of Indonesia.
Sri Aji Joyoboyo a son of true love Inu Kertapati and Dewi Sekartaji, the two teenagers this option is the crown prince of the two kingdoms on the shores of the river Brantas. Royal marriage they were living previously filled with the most memorable romantic drama for centuries by the inhabitants of eastern Java.

Divination Sixth Joyoboyo : Kodok Ijo Ongkang - Ongkang

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Indonesian Communist Party shattered overnight, even without one United States troops here appear to intervene directly. In Vietnam there at the same time U.S. forces had more than half a million troops to work hard to intervene directly in people eradicate the communist Vietcong. American business is not too successfully overcome the Vietnamese tunnel rat that famous. Not just with military force, also parachuted into the battle field Vietnam all kinds of modern weapons, chemical weapons, biological weapons are intended to eradicate all humans communist Vietnam. United States military forces failed to face the communist troops vietnam, because people are superior to the communist Vietnamese -- Bung Karno's people communist Indonesia are still was awakened by the character of the nation. Uncle Ho or Ho Chi Minh more successfully build character and nation of the people of Vietnam. Uncle Ho received help from neighbors familiar People's Republic of China is commanded by Comrade Mao Dong Dze is famous in China led the Red Army managed to defeat the forces of Chiang Kaishek, Kuomintang support of the United States. 

Do not forget the central role of Zhou Enlai, the Prime Minister of China who was mentioned earlier a member of the Communist Party chairman Mao's China than the approximately 1921. Comrade Zhou and Uncle Ho's close relationship particularly when Vietnam need moral and material support in keeping the military forces attack the United States winning the second world war, its power no doubt.

Divination seventh Joyoboyo : Tikus Pithi Anoto Baris

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Divination seventh Sri Aji Joyoboyo (1145's): Tikus pithi anoto baris interpretation line up rows of red rat! Red when still a baby not yet grown feathers, and later became black by the fur itself. The main properties of rat phiti include: agile, arbitrarily own, unruly, and funny. Rat phiti good at hiding themselves but have not been able to make their own hideaway, which form holes in the ground, or raise a nest of existing materials in the vicinity. Humans without the tools hard to catch and hunt this one creature.

Mice that this one really ranks up when the leader of the (parent) were killed or escaped since pursued. If ordinary circumstances without interruption so he moves without the formation of disorganized alias without the goal of all his movements.

Tikus Pithi arrange rows when they're starving great, because a bad season or nest ransacked and demolished, and also turned aggressive when they get easy prey.

Divination Eighth Joyoboyo : Reincarnation Noyo Genggong Sabdo Palon

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Two pastors as well as clown-servants adviser Majapahit kingdom was indeed not a figure arbitrarily. All this is interpreted as a subtle creature. Wadag or his body is as usual ordinary people. Magical spirits or spirits that extraordinary, he could be reincarnated thousands of times since the first humans lived on earth.

As a Buddhist priest Java (Jowo Sanyoto, the state religion of Majapahit), the main religion in the kingdom of Majapahit perfect science even more perfect than his main followers of the Dalai Lama in Tibet. From era to era Sabdo Palon* constantly changing body (wadag), ie when the body is old and died.

New Wadag that option is not for personal willingness Sabdo Palon spirit but by the will of Sang Hyang Wenang ing Jagad. So in fact although the Majapahit collapsed, and its predecessor Sabdo Palon Noyo Genggong never murca or lost, he lived as a human being on this earth of mankind. Lineage Sabdo Palon in 2500 last year protecting the land of Java, and southern parts of the earth (Man Yang) is as follows: Semar, Humarmoyo, Manikmoyo, Ismoyo, Noyo Genggong, Sabdo Palon, Ki K, WS, and in 2011 was .... ..???!