The first prediction Joyoboyo : "Murcane Sabdo Palon Noyo genggong"

Sri Aji Joyoboyo who lived during the twelfth century BC (1100s) predicts the Hindu-Buddhist religions developed 1000 years in the archipelago and its glory to the kingdom which embraced the religion. Along with the development of Hindu-Buddhist in the Land of Java and the archipelago is also born of His messenger is also a bearer of Islam in 571 AD in Mecca the Prophet Muhammad the recipient of God's word s.w.t. arranged in the Holy Quran Hadiths of the Prophet was accompanied by a glorified.
After 1000 years of growing Hindu-Buddhist is already in place for another turn, which will be replaced by Islam as the state religion of the kingdom in Java and the archipelago. Sri Aji Joyoboyo also said Dang Hyang Sabdo Palon Tanah Jawi and its predecessor Noyo genggong will murca marcapada during the development of Islam in the fifteenth century BC (the 1400s) are marked by the rise of Islamic kingdom in Java. Sabdo Palon will not interfere in Islam and its development in Java and the archipelago to make human beings so fully human, complete, and perfect.
Then accept it, is the destiny of Hindu-Buddhist kingdom of Majapahit glorious change in the archipelago's first Islamic kingdom of Demak. And too bad because the newly established kingdom of Demak who do not have as powerful Majapahit navy had to deal with the superior forces of Europe so it can only hold a little influx of Portuguese armed sailors, and even succeeded in entering the Portuguese archipelago without encountering a formidable opponent in the marine field. And Western nations in a row next to the Netherlands even very cleverly pitting the rest of the Majapahit kingdoms that fought each other with each other. The next harvest lived Dutch master the two sides in everything, especially relying on the advantage of sea power and advanced weaponry that successfully developed Europe, ammunition or firearms guns ranging in size up to the cannon.
Thus the defeat of the Islamic empire against the onslaught of the Europeans is not the responsibility of the land Danghyang Sabdo Palon Noyo genggong Jawi. And had the Islamic empire or country who uphold the glory of Islam gain then it was not through the intervention pepunden Archipelago.
Each period of an empire rose and destroyed through the same thing with the cycle of stars. And all the kingdoms in Java acknowledge Semar as a supernatural ruler of the unseen world with the ability to manifest as human beings in particular. Semar can act as a servant, clown-servants, and even the country's main adviser. This figure is always attended with a simple fall-downs of life and a government complex in the kingdom. And Semar the latter in the development cycle of 1000 years of Hindu-Buddhist is Sabdo Palon genggong Noyo.
Majapahit which victorious at sea and on earth the South, while the Chinese residing in North earth is countervailing political order of the world at that time. Southern Hemisphere is in the grip of the collapse of the Majapahit Majapahit and the world political order becomes jomplang and the easier it is white Western nations began to colonize the Earth's southern Africa, Latin America, and South Asia to guard sea lanes without any strong.
Majapahit destruction by the development of Islam into Java is a cycle of historical development of class and class struggle. Noyo Palon Sabdo genggong know that Islam should be developed in Java and the archipelago and therefore he prepared to escort the throne murca of its role within the last 1000 years. In his oath, he will be present again in the long 500 years, is there anything that suggests Islam will see problems developing complex after 500 years in the archipelago?
"Murcane Sabdo Palon Noyo genggong" King Joyoboyo the first prediction is a reality when the last king of Majapahit who UB chose to leave their own state religion and embrace Islam. By itself Sabdo Palon decided to disappear or murca a good way from the presence of Sri UB, "Your Honor, we would not be against the development of history, history that continues to evolve forward never backwards an inch, and in the presence of His Majesty, We promise will return later in the earth where humans have broke down and everything should start from scratch again. In order to protect the Land of Java and the southern archipelago and the earth. Howght! " Thus the last words as the words leave Sabdo Palon. Majapahit inevitably slid to meet its demise, the will of historical destiny.