Divination Sixth Joyoboyo : Kodok Ijo Ongkang - Ongkang

Indonesian Communist Party shattered overnight, even without one United States troops here appear to intervene directly. In Vietnam there at the same time U.S. forces had more than half a million troops to work hard to intervene directly in people eradicate the communist Vietcong. American business is not too successfully overcome the Vietnamese tunnel rat that famous. Not just with military force, also parachuted into the battle field Vietnam all kinds of modern weapons, chemical weapons, biological weapons are intended to eradicate all humans communist Vietnam. United States military forces failed to face the communist troops vietnam, because people are superior to the communist Vietnamese -- Bung Karno's people communist Indonesia are still was awakened by the character of the nation. Uncle Ho or Ho Chi Minh more successfully build character and nation of the people of Vietnam. Uncle Ho received help from neighbors familiar People's Republic of China is commanded by Comrade Mao Dong Dze is famous in China led the Red Army managed to defeat the forces of Chiang Kaishek, Kuomintang support of the United States. 

Do not forget the central role of Zhou Enlai, the Prime Minister of China who was mentioned earlier a member of the Communist Party chairman Mao's China than the approximately 1921. Comrade Zhou and Uncle Ho's close relationship particularly when Vietnam need moral and material support in keeping the military forces attack the United States winning the second world war, its power no doubt.

Divination sixth Joyoboyo, "kodok ijo ongkang - ongkang" can mean to power the green can also mean green leaf or green diamonds. Green diamond is a symbol of military clothing army. Green leaves mean the flag of one country in the Arabian peninsula, Saudi Arabia, a symbol of the Islamic world.
Green frog noises from its air bag and heard, "oooong .... kaaaang, Oong ... ong .... kang kang ......". The sound of the frog was in floods of the rainy season is very noisy and low, even thousands of green frogs gathered before it is dark to sing the symphony orchestra, "ong-ong-kang-kang" fill the silence of the night soaked by flooding or continuous rain. The frog was so noisy broadcast voice sonority with an aim to attract the opposite sex married.
Without water there is abundant space in the garden or in your backyard or on the moor, then there would come a frog green and low-noise throughout the night to play the symphony of nature. Blood flooding caused by the September 1965 military army invited down to the arena to take over power in the archipelago of Bung Karno's hand trying to make a balance between the PKI and AD.
Naturally green AD it became the dominant force in the archipelago and to support the new ruler General Suharto of fascist and authoritarian so successfully in power for four tiger to make people think and do Nusantara uniform in his life. Want to try your mind and other voice, prize prison. If somewhat mild guilt will get prize "called" Koramil or Kodim. There may "bogem mentah" or not it is another matter again.
The period of the regime "kodok ijo ongkang ongkang" does not mean the military mainly just take it easy AD only, not. AD actually work hard to keep the latent danger of communists who had just defeated by the Army itself. Communist being annihilated down to its roots thanks to the magic spell of General Soeharto, "annihilated out until seven generations" who is involved communist, always working hard to prevent the rise of communism in the archipelago country that turned into a country dependent since the entry of foreign capital due to capital by opening the tap of General Soeharto, who make people worship him in part able to make the people prosperous.
But too bad the slogan "beware the dangers latent communist" was too much sung during General Suharto to power. Yet it was clear bin obvious communist ruined not have any power, scaring the people at large about the dangers of communist jargon that's just empty. It's time to talk you know. Whether their current strength of 2010. The ends of intimidation and terror to the people, and the edges again Father of Development continued to elect and be elected President.
King Joyoboyo nearly a thousand years ago had predicted the arrival of new military rulers a green dress, that is AD. The story of the ruling came after the civil war in the archipelago in, "Pitik sacks cage fighting." After the frog no longer has arose a new regime called regime reform. What happened, "green frogs, bangkak frogs, percil frogs, tree frogs, and other", busy again make itself heard without barriers come from anywhere. And the end of that freedom is an endless debate to highlight his own opinion that is not necessarily true.